Teach4NewLife is a WorldVenture Ghana project focused on assisting a local Ghanaian Christian school to succeed.  The school is reestablishing itself in the community with a goal of teaching students to be life long learners utilizing smaller class sizes (20 students per teacher max).  Teaching students the Gospel Message and encouraging them to investigate the claims of Christ for themselves.  And, teaching students life leadership skills.  NewLife Christian Leadership Academy is reestablishing itself to train the next generation of leaders not only for their community but also as Ghana’s future leaders.

WorldVenture Ghana wishes to connect with those who have just completed their degrees in Early Childhood and Middle Grades Education and ask them to pray about coming to Ghana as a volunteer for one or two years to teach at NewLife Christian Leadership Academy.  We are also interested in connecting with retired educators who would also consider giving one or two years of their retirement to come and teach and invest in the children of Ghana.

Why do we need US teachers?  Hiring university educated teachers in Ghana costs around 800 to 1000 Ghana Cedis per month per teacher.  The going rate for students tuition is around 65 Ghana Cedis per term.  There are three terms per year.  That means a student pays on average 16.25 Ghana Cedis per month.  In order to afford a university trained teacher in Ghana the class size would need to be around 62 students per teacher.  Anyone who has ever taught KNOWS you cannot teach 62 students at a time.  You can try but won’t be very successful.

Bringing teachers from the US who will volunteer their time means that the school will still be able to hire Ghanaian teachers, although fewer of them, and still maintain a class size of 20 students per teacher.  The goal is to provide a first class quality education for the students.

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  1. Carrie Kirk says:

    Hi! My name is Carrie Kirk, and I’m a grad student/resident director at Mississippi College working on my TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) certification. I am friends with Mary Kate Barthel, and she told me about your ministry and gave me the link to your blog. She knows I’m praying about where The Lord will have me after I finish in May, so she mentioned there may be opportunities to teach English and share the good news of Christ alongside your family in Ghana. If there is any information that you could send me, that would be great. Thank you so much, and know that I am encouraged by your blog and hearing about the ministry your family is a part of in Ghana!

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