Our Ministry

Reaching The Akyode People Through Intentional Disciple Making.

Approximately 30,000 Akyode people live in Ghana.  They reside in the northern Volta Region.  They live in nine different villages in the area.  They are an animistic people group worshiping idols and offering animal sacrifices.  The number of Christians in these villages is very low and in one village there is no established church to minister to the people.

Our focus to reach them is DDEEDevelop, Disciple, Equip, and Empower.

Develop – We develop relationships with Akyode people.  We will do this in a variety of ways but we value establishing strong, trusting relationships which will allow us to disciple.

Disciple – We disciple those Akyode people we have entered into a developed relationship with.  Currently we are using The Story of Hope, a Chronological Bible Study that teaches the Gospel from Genesis to Revelation.  We disciple unbelievers and believers who are not mature in their faith.

Equip – We equip followers of Jesus for ministry and works of service.

  • Helping them find their joy in serving others and helping their local church to accomplish its mission.
  • Guiding them to use their spiritual gifts for the benefit of the local church and in the advancement of the Gospel to the Akyode people.

Empower – We desire that each disciple will be empowered to advance the Gospel not only within their own people group but also outside of their people group within the Nkwanta District, the nation of Ghana, the continent of Africa, and the whole world.