Chickens, Eggs, Discipleship

God has called us to minister to the Akyode People here in Ghana.  We have a plan to accomplish that calling – DDEE.  Briefly, DDevelop Relationships, DDisciple those we are in relationship with, EEquip those we are discipling to glorify God with their lives, and EEmpower our disciples to go out and do the same.

The missionaries working in Nkwanta before us had a vision of empowering the Nkwanta District area by bringing a local poultry business into operation.  Honestly, when we arrived, continuing that vision was the farthest thing from our minds.  Yet it seemed God continually brought people into our lives in Ghana persuading us to continue with the vision, at least on a small scale, to determine the real viability of such a business.

How does this fit within reaching the Akyode and DDEE?  Well, the man we’ve connected with to oversee this venture is an Akyode man.  The poultry care taker is an Akyode man.  The people assisting us in bringing this venture to fruition are all Akyode.  So we are in process of developing relationships with all of these people as we work together to bring this business into operation.  We will then have daily contact with these people whereby the Discipleship, Equipping, and Empowerment pieces can be worked out.  It is exciting to see how God is in the middle of this.

Our desire is to begin very small, using some personal funds, in order to start something and determine if it will work.  If it proves successful we will expand it a bit and continue to see what happens.  But most importantly, throughout the process, discipleship is occurring!

Which leads me to why I had the idea of writing this Blog today.  Ben, the young Akyode man who is overseeing the project, brought three young Akyode boys (age 14-18) to move concrete blocks from our mission property sight to the poultry sight.  They also shoveled sand and moved it to the poultry sight to make mortar for the blocks.  And then they hauled multiple six gallon containers of water to the poultry sight for the mixing of the mortar.  They worked.  Worked with a capital W!  I mean it was a tough day.  These three young men came and worked hard because one of their older friends asked them to come and help.  Ben asked and they came.  Simple as that.

Well hard work should be rewarded.  Our budget is tight.  In case you don’t know this yet, missionaries ain’t exactly rolling in money.  So I gave them forty Ghana Cedis each.  40 GHS. 120 GHS total.  It’s the equivalent of each guy making ten US dollars each.  $10 bucks.  Each.  And do you know what?  The smiles on their faces was priceless.  They came expecting nothing and received ten bucks.  How many kids do you know willing to work hard for just ten bucks?

These young men are why we came.  Not to give out money, but to Develop Relationships in order to move into Discipling relationships, to Equip and Empower them for Kingdom work among their own Akyode people.

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2 Responses to Chickens, Eggs, Discipleship

  1. Steven Smith says:

    Awesome report Chris and Dana. Having been in Nkwanta and seeing and meeting some of the Akyode people I am not surprised by their willingness to get the job done. They could certainly teach us “westerners” a thing or two about work ethic. Prayers for your efforts as you continue to strive towards DDEE!

    God bless,


  2. The Stewarts says:

    I love this, Chris and Dana. Surely really good things for the Kingdom will come from it. You’ve not had the easiest beginning and going on won’t be especially easy either, but oh the joy of seeing people come to love Jesus.. May God bless this endeavor richly.

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