The Typical Day

Would you like to know what a typical day looks like here in Ghana in our lives? Yes? So would we! Everyday is different. I don’t mean that to be cliché. Everyday is different. Take yesterday for example. We are in Accra attempting to get some things done that we can’t do seven hours to the north where we live. So I (Chris) woke up around 5:45. We are staying at the Baptist Guest House in Accra. I went downstairs, made coffee, checked out FaceBook happenings, wrote happy birthday messages to a couple of friends, read my morning devotion, read some scripture (studying the book of Romans), prayed, and had a few moments to take a shower before breakfast.

Around 7:30 the breakfast bell was sounded and we joined other missionary families for an awesome meal of omelettes, biscuits, gravy, pineapple, juice, and more coffee (I like coffee). We love this time of the day at the Baptist Guest House connecting with other people who live here in Ghana and have the same discouragement and encouragement that we suffer and enjoy daily. It helps to talk about it with people who understand what we are experiencing.

Around 8:30 our driver/operations manager came and we drove to the LG service center to make an appointment for someone to come to Nkwanta (seven hours away, remember?) and service our washer/dryer combo. Apparently the surges from the poor power we suffer with here have taken their toll and the machine will sometimes work but mostly doesn’t. We called them a few times a couple of weeks ago and were told “we’ll call you” but they never did. And today, in person, they said….”we’ll call you”. Will you pray with us that they actually do? After that we drove our vehicle to the mechanic for a repair for our power steering pump and to repair our rear door handle/lock that we paid them to fix the last time but they broke it even more where we couldn’t even open it from the inside.

So, around 10:00 AM we took a taxi from the mechanic’s shop to Makola Market in downtown Accra. We met our operations manager’s wife at the market and she accompanied us. It’s always nice to spend time with her! As for the market, think of the largest flea market possible and put it on steroids. This place is massive and you can literally find anything you want. New things. Used things. It’s all there. We were going to look at some things for the new Leadership Empowerment Center, to do a little Christmas shopping, and to purchase some Bibles. We stopped at a store and priced a diesel generator (we could really use this), a lawnmower, and a new bore-hole (well) pump. The bore-hole pump hasn’t broken yet but it’s like everything else here, sooner or later it is going to quit and we will need the money and to drive seven hours one way to pick it up.

We finished all the shopping around 3:00 PM and wouldn’t you know, the “no problem, it won’t take long to fix” repair wasn’t ready. We sent Dana and our operation manager’s wife back to the Baptist Guest House in a taxi and then we proceeded in another taxi back to the mechanic’s shop.

The repair was finally finished around 6:30 PM, the rear door was repaired back to its original broken state, where we could at a minimum open it from inside but not from the outside. I paid the man and we prepared to leave. And just before we departed we realized the Air Condition wouldn’t turn on. The mechanics all looked and scratched their heads. “Please, we beg you, bring the back tomorrow at 7:00 AM and we will see what we can do.” Hmmm, let me think about it…..uhhh, NO!

We left there around 7:00 PM and headed back to meet the ladies at the Baptist Guest House but not before making one more stop to buy some pizza. We arrived back at the Guest House around 8:30 and we enjoyed a great meal together.

And that, my friends is a typical day when we are in Accra. Watch for our next Blog post and we will detail a “typical” day in Nkwanta. Whew! I’m tired. Good night!!

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