Why Africa?



God called us to Africa. Specifically Ghana. He didn’t call us to Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica or any other place. During our journey to build partnerships and raise funds we met people who were called to those places. Actually we have friends now serving in those places. It’s easy for us to think, why Africa? Why not one of those or any number of other places? And it’s a simple answer. Because God didn’t call us “there” he called us to Africa.

There are difficult days, hot days, days without modern conveniences, days without fast-food, and days that make us ask why “here”? Many of our friends are serving Christ in places providing easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, nearly always on electricity, fast internet, good paved roads, etc. And of course there is the wow factor of seeing the beautiful sights of those countries. Why are they “there” and we are “here”? In Africa?

We need help. We need short-term teams to travel and work alongside us to reach the people we’ve been called to. But the distance from the US is an issue. Many of our other friends don’t have this difficulty. Short flights are available to nearby places that need the Gospel or work parties. The flights are short and inexpensive. But the cost to come to Ghana is high. And it takes a long time to get here. Once here there is another day of driving before arriving at our area of service.   It’s not easy, or convenient. Why here God…why here?

If God called us to another place, a place closer to the US, where the flights were shorter and the cost was less, then we could see family and friends more frequently. We could attend conferences more readily. Why Africa God, why Africa?

And in those moments of questioning and doubt, God gently, patiently, and lovingly reminds us that His grace is sufficient for us. He did not call us to any of those other places. He called us “here”, to Africa. He never led us to believe it would be easy. He leads us to understand that it isn’t punishment that we are “here” while our friends are “there”. It’s his grace in us! He has given us a ministry to this people, in this country, at this time, for HIS glory. And as we embrace that truth, and marvel in it that he would choose people like us to draw people in Africa to Himself, we let go of the Why Africa question and instead sing praises of thankfulness…thank you God for leading us to Africa, to this people, for this ministry, and ALL for your glory. Thank you Jesus for saving us and giving us a heart to share your grace with others that are so different from us. Thank you Holy Spirit for helping us, for guiding us, and for reminding us that it is the God of the Universe who has called us “here”. And now “here” is home.

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3 Responses to Why Africa?

  1. Kristi says:

    Howdy neighbor… Sure do hope what you’ve shared are “normal” feelings, cuz we are right there (here) with ya! As we seek to shine Gods love and share the truth of Jesus Christ in a place that is not exactly comfy, it’s good to be reminded of His love and the co-laborers He has brought alongside all of us! So thankful for His word to remind us that we are NOT alone! We just said today that we should begin studying Paul and his writings as a family as we grapple with all the same questions (eventhough we know the answers) and realities of life…no matter where we are!

    • TeamHolloway says:

      Howdy back at ya! Going back to PILAT I’d say they are very “normal” feelings. 🙂 Equally glad to have co-laborers that “understand” how we feel. Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Agnes says:

    God had a reason for sending you to Africa. He planted that seed in Dana to get you there, even though you did not want to have anything to do with it, he keept on until you gave in and finally discovered that you liked the people and the country. He wanted to use you in ways you never dreamed of. He has blessed you many times over and will continue to bless you. He had a special place that he wanted you to be and he knew you could do the job. God loves you more than any thing and more than you will ever know. You gave up your family and your children to go where God wanted you to go, he was testing you then and he will continue to test you. You only have to say YES, God, I am here for you. Whatever you need, I am yours. Thats why God sent you to Africa, because he needed someone special and that someone is YOU! May God continue to bless and use you for his purpose. I love and miss you but knowing that you are in Gods hands I am at peace with it.

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