Africa – Beauty & Need

Africa.  I look out of the kitchen window into the beauty that is Africa.  The lush green plants and trees, the heavy rain that yields spectacular rainbows, and the mountains.  In the evenings when the power goes out, which happens frequently, there is the beauty of the starry sky.  The stars are so many and you can even see the milky way!  It’s astounding.

We’ve been in country now for two weeks and our time has been spent unpacking, learning language, searching for a dependable language helper, making all of the customary cultural introductions, learning to drive, visiting churches, and reuniting with people we’ve come to know and care for over the past several years of traveling here.  The first two weeks have flown by.

Evans & Naomi from the old God's Eye Orphanage

Evans & Naomi from the old God’s Eye Orphanage

Dana and I have both written previously about our visits to the orphanage and of connecting with a young girl there named Naomi.  Our last visit here was January 2012 and Naomi was still at the orphanage and doing well.  But sometime thereafter the orphanage closed and the children scattered.  Thankfully people in the community took the children in and provided for their needs.  And today I located Naomi.  We look forward to really getting to know her well.

Restorers Orphanage

Restorers Orphanage


Another orphanage, one operated by a local church, is now open and available to a smaller number of children.

We met them yesterday and spent time playing with and encouraging them.



But our main purpose for being here is to build relationships with the Akyode people and share Christ with them.  Last week we hiked up to Shiare, “the hanging village”, and met with the local elders there to begin establishing our presence.

The Christian Church @ Kere - Pastor Sampson

The Christian Church @ Kere – Pastor Sampson

This past Sunday we drove to Kere (pronounced Kerry) and worshiped with The Christian Church.  Pastor Sampson is the pastor of this church and is well acquainted with persecution from the people in Kere who are of the more entrenched traditional fetish religion.  Pastor Sampson and his wife were the first Christians in Kere to marry in a traditional Christian marriage ceremony.  By God’s grace we hope to help strengthen the church in Kere.

We are grateful to be here, thankful for your prayers and financial help, and humbled that God would use us for so great a task.  The needs here are many and we will share those with you through future posts.  May God richly bless and sustain you.

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  1. says:

    Sounds like great ministry is already developing. We love you guys!


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