Moving day, well, sort of…

IMG_1522What an amazing day this turned out to be.  My mind is a flutter with so many different thoughts.  I’m attempting to capture some of them in this blog.  Please forgive me if I begin on one subject and change subjects abruptly.

Today was our “moving day”.  Not for us, but for our personal and ministry effects.  It’s a big day to us because it signifies that we’ve nearly reached the end of our partner development stage as “Appointee’s” with WorldVenture and will soon be full-fledged missionaries representing Christ in Ghana through WorldVenture, our partners, and our partner churches.

IMG_1498I confess that I wasn’t certain how the day would go.  Leading up to today we were uncertain how we would get pallets of school books to the place we were loading our container.  And then a friend heard about our need and made arrangements for her company to pick up the books and transfer them to us.  The company by the way is in the same industry I (Chris) left to move to Ghana.  How cool is that?!  And then I wasn’t totally sure how much help we would have but oh my.  We were blessed by so many who turned out to serve us.  Truly blessed.  One person asked off from work specifically to help us.  And he is an hourly employee so it was truly a sacrifice for him to help us.  That humbled me.  But others took off from work and their busy schedules too in order to serve us.  That humbled me too.  And further still, many couldn’t take off from work but wanted to but that didn’t stop them from helping us because they were praying for us all through out our move.  Humbled again.  And another supplied equipment that we needed to get the job done.  Our “rope holders” from WorldVenture drove down from South Carolina to help us.  Blessed.  Blessed.  Blessed.IMG_1501







We witnessed people with bad backs, and knees, lifting heavy things, crawling over things, all to serve us and help us move our stuff to Ghana.  And in moments like this I realize how truly blessed we are to be on this journey, to have people who love us and encourage us, who partner with us in finances and in prayer, and encouraging us in so many other ways.

Today I felt like part of the church.  Where people set aside their own agendas, sacrificed their bodies (knowing how bad they will hurt tomorrow), and truly served someone else in need.  And it was beautiful.  This is one of the things I love about the church.

Our stuff is on its way to Ghana! Literally. We’ve thought about this day, prayed for this day, looked forward to this day.  And now it’s over.  Our stuff is on its way to Ghana.  We aren’t too far behind.  Just 8% more of our monthly financial need to be committed and we are on our way.

What is this all about?  Jesus.  He redeemed me from guaranteed eternal destruction and I now have guaranteed eternal hope.  Jesus.  He bought me with his own death.  Jesus.  He commands those he has redeemed and adopted as children to tell others about him and how he wants to do the same for them.  Jesus.  It’s all about Jesus.

Thank you Jesus, for the church, for eternal hope, for being adopted into your family, for the opportunity to share your message of redemption, love, and hope with others, and for today.  Because today was amazing!



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