Miscellaneous, Random Thoughts

miscellaneous_coverToday we want to share just random and miscellaneous news and thoughts.

Praise God for his help on our journey.  On Thursday, February 28th we “unofficially” reached 80% of our monthly committed need.  It’s unofficial in the sense that the percentage is based upon people communicating that they will support us at a specific monthly level.  It becomes “official” when they are registered with WorldVenture for that commitment.  We are officially at 79.4% but that will change as soon as the last person who verbally committed makes their on-line or in-mail commitment.

When we began this journey our faith was strong that God would provide.  But we must confess at times as the progress was slow 80% seemed far away, not unattainable, but further away than appeared possible at times.  We are grateful for the many people who have prayed with us, for us, and encouraged us thus far.  Reflecting on those that God has placed on our financial support team, we are just in awe of how He orchestrates our lives and brings people from various backgrounds together for His purposes.  Our support team consists of family, friends, churches and many others in different walks of life from missionaries serving on the field to CEO’s. We are humbled by everyone’s partnership to make the fame of Jesus known in Ghana!

I read an article recently that looked at how well we are doing as a society when it comes to “loving your neighbor as yourself”.  It’s a convicting article and I encourage you to read it and think about how you love yourself and how that applies to those around you.  At one point in the article it says that only 10% of us would ever allow our neighbor to move in our home if they needed to.  Seeing that statistic caused me to worship.  I’m grateful that God has brought the Sherwood family to Georgia, moved them into our neighborhood, led them to our church, and for their loving us as they love themselves.  God is amazing.  They have allowed us to move into their home as we prepare to depart for Ghana.  Are you in the 10% that would love someone like this or the 90% that would not?  Honestly, I’m not sure which of these I would be a part of.  I’d like to “think” that I’d be part of the 10%.  Like I said, it’s a convicting article.

I’m thankful for the random meetings we have had on this journey.  We were recently speaking in a church and couple that was visiting from out of town walked up to us and asked how much more we needed and when we told them they replied, “we’d like to help with that”. What?  That’s God at work.  And this past week I was at a Starbuck’s working on communication stuff and a young guy sitting across from me inquired about the Ghana sticker on my computer.  We had a great conversation and I was deeply encouraged that God would lead someone to remind me that this journey isn’t about us, it’s about Jesus and His glory.  I’m thankful for that brief conversation to be able to share what Jesus is doing in us and through us in Ghana.

We drove up to North Georgia this week to have lunch with Hannah and take care of some “business” related to her school funding.  Griffin came in from work last night and just talked.  We talked about his job, girls, the Braves, and nothing at all really.  We just talked.  As we get closer to our May 7th departure date, I’m appreciating these moments with my children more and more.  I’ve taken for granted being near them, able to connect wherever, whenever, and however I want to.  That’s about to change and it hit me pretty hard this morning.

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1 Response to Miscellaneous, Random Thoughts

  1. alice mitchell says:

    Please your heart, love you so much, God is faithful with all on your heart!!! Thank you for your email reply, praying and look forward to the next week when you return…alice and your CBS sisters!

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