Taking Aim At The Target!

Target_imageMay 7, 2013.  This is our target date for departure to Ghana, West Africa.  We are taking aim at it and praying that all of our monthly commitments are in by the end of April.  We are currently at 70% of our need and are prayerful of being at 80% by the end of February, 90% by the end of March, and 100% by the end of April.  Would you join us in prayer for these benchmarks to be met?  And/or would you pray about joining our monthly financial support team if you are not already a partner in this way?

In preparation for this departure date we are at the WorldVenture headquarters for Pre-Departure training.  Yea!  And then on Monday we will attend their Renewal Conference joining other missionaries from all over the world and some about to be sent out (like us).  And then once we hit 80% we can begin the Pre-Departure Clearance.  We’ll learn all about that this week and will update you on exactly what that means.

During the next few days we are reconnecting with friends we’ve made on this journey that are going to multiple places around the world.  And we are making new friends also going to various locations on the globe.  We are looking forward to spending time with these people, encouraging and being encouraged, and learning about the next steps of our journey.

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