Listening 2 Learn

We are half way to the end of our two week PILAT program.  PILAT is Program in Language Acquisition Techniques.  On day one we thought, “how can we do this” but at the end of week one we think “we CAN do this”!  It’s no different than any training we engage in.  Repetition is the key to training our ears to really listen and our tongues to make sounds that are foreign to us.  Our human speech mechanism is capable of producing hundreds of distinct sounds.  The English language only has 44 sounds.  These are the sounds each of us are comfortable making.  To be a good language learner we must train our ears to hear and our mouths/lips/tongue/voice-box to make many new sounds.

We’ve included a short activity for you to participate in with us to better understand what we are experiencing at PILAT.  Below is how to participate with us:

1) The instructor will say two words twice (for example  ball….boll..<then she will say again>..ball…boll). Each set of words will be separated by a number.

2) Listen to each set of words and determine if the words are the same or different.

Listen Here

Here are some “clues”, none of these involve tonal differences only consonant shifts, if there is a difference.

Are you brave enough to post your answers below in the comments? To post your answers just write 16-20 and whether the set of words is the same or different…and if your really brave why.

Good language learners are willing to make big mistakes are you?  We’ve been making many! 🙂

Check back this weekend for the answers.

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1 Response to Listening 2 Learn

  1. alice mitchell says:

    Are you kidding?!, okay, this ole lady will try another day, about to crawl in bed pretty worn out, praying for you and yours, miss you so much, Father God loves you both so very special! Great is Thy Faithfulness, alice

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