SPLICE – Week 1

Week one in Colorado at MTI is complete.  We’ve learned so much and yet have so much more to learn…about Christ, about ourselves, about each other, about joy, conflict, teammates, and cultural adaptation.  The first week was hard but we are growing in areas of our lives that are needed.  So, all-in-all it’s been awesome!

We are making new friends!  It’s amazing to us how easily and quickly we are able to love new people in our lives.  God does that in our hearts!  They share similar and different stories in common with us.  There are four couples from Georgia here so Georgia is representing! We are able to get to know one another at deep heart levels, moving beyond the surface level.  And that is one of our joy’s – to be here going deep with people who are on similar journey’s, dealing with similar issues, excited to be going to whatever country God has called them to.

Please continue to pray for us.  Pray that we continue to develop more friendships here, that we are able to learn the information being provided, that we continue to make ourselves vulnerable to those around us, to the staff, and most importantly to the Holy Spirit.  God bless and keep you.

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