Short-Term Departure

Along side our normal routine we are preparing for five weeks away from family and friends.  On Saturday we will travel to Colorado to attend training at Mission Training International.  Training in Language Acquisition and Cultural Adaptation will be a huge help to us when we move to Ghana to live and work.

Preparing for this five-week trip is similar to preparing for a short-term mission trip.  We will take only what we need.  Continually remind ourselves that this is part of God’s greater plan for our lives.  We eagerly anticipate how God will move in our lives during this time away.  We remind ourselves that we must remain flexible in all circumstances, open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, thoughtful of those training with us, open to learn and experience situations and ideas that may make us uncomfortable, and adjusting to being apart from people we love.

I guess in a lot of ways, attending this training is preparation for our departure in 2013 for Ghana.  Five weeks is longer than a typical two-week mission trip so we will be stretched in that way.  We will be without our children, and must depend on one another and the Lord to get through every day away.  We will meet new people, build relationships with them and then have to say goodbye after only a short time together.

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts over the next five weeks!  We will attempt to BLOG and keep you updated as we have time and internet!

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1 Response to Short-Term Departure

  1. Jan Chinn says:

    So proud of you guys! Praying with you every step of the way! Especially glad to pray because each step gets you closer to me!!!! Love you both!

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