Short Term Trip – Long Term Impact

“look around, statistically speaking, two of you will become full time missionaries”.

Short-term mission trips don’t have to result in short term results.  Sending the right team, with the right preparation, and with the right heart can result in long-term impact.

One-way short-term trips result in long-term impact is many participants of short-term trips become Long-term missionaries.*  We are living examples.  In 2005 while on our first trip to Ghana, one of the missionaries told our team of seven, “look around, statistically speaking, two of you will become full time missionaries”.  Our team of seven all laughed and pointed our fingers at one another.  God knew, and the statistic became truth five years later as we were appointed by WorldVenture to be long-term missionaries in Ghana.

Another way short-term trips result in long-term impact is how they affect the lives of those they are given the opportunity to minister to.  A few years ago a short-term team of nurses visited Ghana providing medical clinics.  One day a man came to them with a busted head.  He told them that he had beaten his wife and that she picked up a rock and busted his head.  The nurses attended to his physical condition and then connected him with the missionary they were working with (our partners Lloyd & Jan Chinn).   I’ve blogged about this man before (Out of Darkness Into Light).  He is the fetish priest who turned away from worshiping Idols and turned to Jesus Christ.  He has since led another fetish worshiper and his family to Christ and is active in the community sharing the hope he has with others.  That is long-term impact!

Our ministry is coordinating short-term mission trips to Ghana.  We will work with churches to send mission teams that have undergone preparation before coming so that they are prepared to have long-term impact.  Is God developing a heart in your church for Africa?  Perhaps even Ghana?  We would be love to pray with you and talk more with you about how He is leading and how we can partner together for long-term impact.  Send us a note on this BLOG page with your contact information and we will be in touch!

*An IMB study indicates 80% of their 1998 appointed missionaries. Based upon current appointee’s or those now serving on the field, WorldVenture is approximately 65%.

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