Asking The Wrong Question

Perhaps the most gripping question as a believer of Jesus Christ is, “Lord, how will you use me?”

This past January we had the privilege of taking three individuals on a vision trip to Ghana so that they could understand why we were going, they could apply their gifts to help while there, and seek to know how the Lord may want to use them to accomplish His mission in Ghana.  One of those persons is my cousin, Brian, an entrepreneur traveling to Ghana to help us determine if an egg distribution project in the Nkwanta area was a viable and sustainable plan.

This trip was only ten days, a short trip compared to others we’ve taken there, but long enough for Brian to hear the Lord direct him.  Before he could hear he had to see.  While he was there Brian saw two things that made him think deeply.  First, he saw the growth of Islam, mosques being built everywhere.  But as he encountered some of the Muslims he saw that they appeared unhappy and heavy burdened.  Engaging them in conversation he witnessed their openness to listen to and consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Secondly, he saw that the Chinese were everywhere doing infrastructure projects.  China is investing in Africa.

The last night in Nkwanta we walked down Main Street, a dusty dirt road, and a question gripped Brian’s mind, “why isn’t the United States here doing something, why isn’t the American Church here doing something?”   At that moment the Lord revealed to Brian that he was asking the wrong question!  “No!  It’s not why isn’t the US and the American Church here doing something.  The question is WHAT are YOU going to do?”  His response was, “God, it’s just me.  Who am I?” But God’s message was clear.  “The work is mine.  You just be obedient to the call.”

And that is what Brian has done.  He tells people about his experience in Ghana.  He promotes the efforts of WorldVenture Ghana.  He tells people about Dana and I and our calling to move to Ghana and the fact that we need monthly/quarterly/annual financial support.  He has shared the vision with his employees and they are active in helping to build the Leadership Empowerment Center in Nkwanta.  He has made personal financial commitments toward benefiting the work on the ground in Ghana.  In short, he asked the right question, and has answered it obediently.

The question isn’t what will others do in the Great Commission.  The right question is “What will YOU do”?

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