No. It’s ok, you can say it.

In our culture we generally don’t like to hear “no”.  “No” infers that we are not getting what we desire or need.  “No” sounds final and harsh. We also don’t like to tell someone “no”.  Telling someone “no” means that they may be disappointed and in our western culture we don’t like to disappoint people.  But sometimes telling someone “no” is helpful, not hurtful or disappointing.  It provides direction, understanding, and yes, even encouragement.

A couple of stories from the Bible quickly come to mind.  King David wanted to build a Temple for God to live in and be worshipped in but God told him “no”.  God had a different plan, a better plan.  Abraham asked God to allow Ishmael to live before him but God said “no”, Sarah will have a child and I will make his offspring into a mighty nation.  Abraham had his own plan but God told him “no”, I have a different plan, a better plan.

On our journey we are grateful for the “no’s”.  The “no’s” help us to see God’s hand upon us and on our journey.  As we share our story with people we simply ask them to pray and inquire of God if they should partner with us.  If their answer is “yes” we praise God!  And if their answer is “no” we praise God!

So when we have an opportunity to meet you and share our story, and we ask you to pray about partnering with us and you are not led to do so that’s ok.  But please tell us.  Not telling us because you are afraid you may disappoint us is actually worse.  God’s answer to our need, yes or no, is sufficient for us!

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