Road Trip

What is your definition of a “road trip”?  For me, it is a car trip exceeding eight hours.  If you must be trapped in a vehicle for eight hours or more traveling…it’s a road trip!  We’ve just returned from our first road trip since leaving the secular job and selling the house.  We drove thirteen hours to the Kansas City area and thirteen hours back home.  The following are just some random thoughts about this trip.

  • Thirteen hours coming home “feels” significantly longer as compared to thirteen hours traveling to your destination.  Perhaps so because of the excitement in seeing friends you haven’t seen for some time.  That contrasted with, it’s going to be thirteen hours to get home to my bed!
  • I (Chris) no longer feel that I need to drive the entire trip by myself.  I enjoyed having Dana and Hannah to share some driving responsibilities.  And riding, reading, and sleeping are more fun than I remembered as a kid on long trips.
  • Kansas City has some awesome food!  The Z Man sandwich at Oklahoma Joe’s is worth another drive back to KC.  We had yogurt at the most incredible frozen yogurt place I’ve been to…Yogurtini.  If you see one, stop and try it.
  • There is a sandwich shop chain called Penn Station – East Coast Subs that is in Missouri and other places but not in Atlanta.  This. Must. Change.  The sandwiches were really good.
  • Servants.  We spent time with servants.  The folks at the church we visited simply have a servant heart.  When we visited them back in the fall we were able to serve right alongside them as they ministered to someone in their church.  You can read our blog about that here – Heartland of America.  On this recent trip we served alongside members of the church at a local Kansas City Food-bank called Harvesters.  We were again blessed to roll up our sleeves, sweat a little, and help out in a small way.  It encourages me greatly to see the local church serve the members in the church AND their community.
  • Friends.  Friends we knew in Atlanta live in KC and are part of LifePoint Church.  We’ve also made new friends.  People we didn’t know nine months ago.  They’ve become friends because we have a mutual friend – His name is Jesus.  We have a mutual desire – worshiping and sharing Jesus with others.  And we have a mutual purpose – making the name of Jesus known to all nations.  You put people together with a shared mutual friend, the same desire, and a shared purpose and you’ll have instant friendships.
  • We had a brief team meeting with a team of folks from LifePoint that are going on a short-term mission trip to Ghana in 2013.  LifePoint will be the first short-term team that we will host in our new roles as full time missionaries.  We are excited to consider how God is going to use this group of people in Africa.

All in all, we’d gladly do another thirteen-hour road trip to visit these friends.  Great people!

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