April-May-June 2012 – A Time To Remember

Eight years ago we stepped into the unknown of a distant culture.  Together with five other people from our church we took our first short-term mission trip to Ghana, West Africa.  We visited northern Ghana during part of that trip where we met a missionary couple that told us to look around at one another because statistically speaking two of our group would become full time missionaries.  All seven of us laughed and pointed fingers at others in the group.  I haven’t a clue what statistics they were speaking of or where they came up with the stats but the statement proved out.  Five years to the month of that trip in 2005 WorldVenture appointed Dana and I as missionaries to Ghana.

Our appointment in 2010 was an exciting time and we eagerly prepared for the next phase of the journey.  There were books to read, reports to write, and most importantly communicating our story with people who would listen to our hearts, see the calling on our lives, and partner with us prayerfully and financially to accomplish the mission.  And then came April-May-June 2012.  It’s an amazing time to remember.

In April we put our house on the market to sell.  We listed on a Thursday, showed it on Sunday, received a full asking price offer on Monday, and a signed contract by Friday.  We closed the contract on our house the end of May renting it back until June 27th.  I (Chris) resigned from a 24+ year career in June and my last day was June 22nd.  June 27th Dana and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by spending all day moving out of our dream home.  We did enjoy pizza sitting on the hearth in an empty house.  We moved in with our dear friends the Sherwood’s and are working on blending our families together and becoming settled.

So it’s been a busy few months but we wouldn’t change a thing.  We’ve taken some final last big steps in preparing for the calling God has given us to serve Him and make His name known to the people of Ghana.  I jokingly told Dana on our 25th wedding anniversary, “happy anniversary dear, we are homeless and jobless, I love you”.  We are actually neither.  True, my career has changed and we live with people who care deeply for us and we don’t own our own house any longer, but honestly, we are filled with tremendous joy at being in the center of God’s will for our lives.

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