Humbled by the Generosity of Others

Throughout the Bible we see that humbleness is a quality we should all seek.  But sometimes humbleness seeks you.  Well, it has us.  We’ve always been givers.  We give to meet the needs of others.  But now we are in a receiving season, and it is humbling.

The single grandmother living on a fixed income that gives to us every month so that we can share the love of Christ with others in Ghana humbles us.  The family that is paying off medical bills but still provides for our monthly needs humbles us.  The pastor raising a family and living meagerly but still commits a sum of his earnings monthly toward our need humbles us.  The couple that doesn’t even really know us well but shares their finances with us in support humbles us.  And most recently, the staff of a local business that is dedicating their time and talent by taking what they would have earned for that one day and giving it toward one of the projects of our mission field in Ghana is humbling.  An entire days wage!  Wow.  Humbling.

And then there is the family who have said to us, “you won’t be homeless when you sell your house.  Come live with us.” As if the generosity of others toward sending us to the work God has called us to wasn’t enough to humble us, this happened.  Overwhelmed and humbled.

In our humble state all we can do is boast in the Lord.  He is good.  He is trustworthy.  He is our provision in all things.  To God be the glory through Christ alone!

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