The Holloway’s stuff is not what we would consider a blessing.  In fact, all of our stuff has become quite a burden at this moment.  Lots of times we hear about how blessed people are because of all of the stuff they have.  As we begin to sort and clean out in preparation of selling our home, we will be spending a lot of time trying to give away all of the things that took us so long to accumulate.  Our stuff has become a stumbling block for us to go and do what we have been called to do.  It is causing us stress right now, not joy.  I know our stuff should have never been our source of joy, but we will be honest, it has been in the past.  We have come to fully comprehend that our blessing is that Jesus has saved us.  Our joy now comes from doing what God has called us to do for Him and we find our peace and comfort in that.  Not our beautiful house full of lots of great things, not the equity that we have built for 23 years, not our savings account, but our trust is in God who is the ultimate provider.  That kind of trust doesn’t just happen overnight.  It is a process that we have been going through since answering God’s call to GO! Layer by layer God is taking away the things that we were putting our trust in instead of him and believe me, he is leaving nothing of ourselves to trust in.  Our new saying around here is that “we are throwing all of our cards in”.  I know, I just used a poker term instead of scripture, but it just seems to sum it all up.  Sure, you can call what we are doing a gamble if you want, as we won’t necessarily see the fruit of our obedience while we are on this earth.  But each day we get up and make the choice to live by faith and not by sight.  When we get home to heaven we will SEE and what a wonderful time that will be! If you ask me, that is a pretty good pay-out and something worth accumulating.

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