Out of Darkness, Into Light

Africa.  People respond differently when they think of this continent.  When Dana first announced she was willing to go on a short-term mission trip to Ghana West Africa, my first thought was darkness.  And I thought that she shouldn’t go because it would be a dark and frightening place.

This past week we were in Ghana again for the fifth time.  Many people probably think about Africa being like one of the experiences we shared last week.  We drove down a dirt road, walked down a narrow path back into the bush, and sat down with people outside their home and watched the darkness fall.  And it was very dark.

But in the darkness people came into the light.  The light of the Glory of God.  The Kingdom.  And it was awesome.  It is awesome for every person who enters into the Kingdom of Light but this was especially awesome to us because of how it happened.

In the Bible we see over and over again people bowing down to idols.  In Exodus 20 verse 3 God lays down the law on this subject and throughout the remainder of the Old Testament He disciplines the people for not obeying this commandment.  So too, in the New Testament Jesus and later the apostles discuss the matter of idols.  And in Africa today it is still an on-going issue.  Idol worship is the essence of evil.

Just a little more than a year ago a former Fetish Priest, one who worshiped many idols and led others to do so, believed the Gospel and believed in Jesus Christ.  His story is evidence of God’s continued grace and mercy.  Recently, Kwesi approached this former Fetish Priest about performing some “rights” (worshiping idols) but he declined.  He told Kwesi that he no longer practiced idol worship because he now worshiped only Jesus Christ.  As he shared his life-changing story, Kwesi not only heard but saw the transformation in this former idol worshipper and then began to seek to know this truth which lead to our visit with his family as night fell in the bush.

The people we are moving to Ghana to assist, the Chinn’s, have been busy sharing the love of God and the truth of Jesus with people in Ghana.  The former Fetish Priest is one of those.  His joy in his new faith led him to share with someone else, opening the door for us to visit Kwesi and share Jesus with him.  He, his wife, his sister, and several children came to faith and walked from darkness into light.  The first picture above is Kwesi’s baptism.  The man to the far right is the former Fetish Priest…he wasn’t about to miss out in seeing his friend follow through in the believers baptism.

This is the kind of work Dana and I will be partnering in full time and we need your support to do it .  Please consider clicking this link now and commit to supporting us monthly.

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

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