A Watched Pot Never Boils

“A watched pot never boils.”  What?  I’ve heard or said this phrase often in my 45+ years.  It denotes that something you are waiting for will not happen while you are concentrating on it.

Standing nearby the stove you may peer into the pot of water, waiting intently for the rolling water to begin.  Each small bubble forms and rises from the bottom of the pot to the top of the water is an indication that you are nearing the boiling point but it seems to take forever!

I confess that I’ve been watching the pot waiting for it to boil!  Every day, I open our partner’s page and peer in to see if a new partner has signed on for financial support…to see that one small bubble rising to the top.  This phrase has been a great reminder recently that I need to stop doing that.

And so, we will continue to humble ourselves, share our story, ask people to pray about partnering with us and wait for the LORD to provide our need.  Oh, I’ll occasionally peer into the pot, not to watch and wait for it to boil, but to celebrate each and every one of the pre-boil bubbles that formulate.  Because without each individual partner/bubble – the pot won’t boil!

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