Bad News

We received some “bad news” this week.  You’ve read and heard our stories about the village we will be living and working in when we move to Ghana.  But that’s kind of like telling people we live in Atlanta when our actual address is in Dacula.  Atlanta is a large city that everyone knows.  Dacula is just a suburb of Atlanta but we still communicate to people that we live in Atlanta.  It’s a good point of reference.

The same is true where we are moving in Ghana.  The main village or point of reference is Nkwanta but we will be living in an even smaller village just outside of Nkwanta called Krontang.  We received news this week that a Muslim mosque is being built in Krontang.  What?  Yep, the small little village of Krontang is receiving a mosque, which means there will be one church and one mosque in this village.

A mosque being built in Krontang is the bad news we received this week.  However, rather than being discouraged we are more motivated than ever to tell everyone our story in hopes of raising the necessary support as quickly as possible because we have work to do in Krontang and all the other surrounding villages.  Islam is growing rapidly.  There is so much work to do.  We need your help.  We need your help to tell our story to as many people as we can as quickly as we can.  We need your help to get to know the mission pastor in your church.  We need your help in hosting dinners or desserts for the express purpose of providing us an opportunity to share our story.  We need individuals and church’s to partner with us so that we can move to Ghana and begin the work there that God has called us to do.

If you can and are willing to help us and want more information on how to help, you can reach one of us at or  We look forward to partnering with you!

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