Thanksgiving in Africa?

Just wondering if we will celebrate Thanksgiving in Africa.  In America Thanksgiving is the one time of year that we seemingly reflect on all of the people and things we are thankful for.  We gather together with family and friends over a wonderful meal of turkey and all of our favorite holiday dishes.  I do love this holiday and all that goes with it, but I have been thinking a lot this year on what I am truly thankful for.

This past weekend our church spent the day serving alongside StreetWise Georgia giving Thanksgiving food and most importantly the gospel to people in need.  We served about 100 families in one day.  One man in particular who I will call Bob, drove up.  We have been taking food to Bob’s home every week for a few months now and have started developing a relationship with him.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous to know he was driving.  (He drinks a little too much and I don’t like knowing that he is out driving!) But, none- the- less, he showed up for his box of food and more importantly, the gospel.  Not sure yet where he stands with Jesus, but my prayer is through continued outreach to him he will come to a saving faith in what Jesus has done for him.

Honestly, by our American standards, Bob doesn’t have a lot to be thankful for by looking at where he lives.  Trust me, I have been inside his apartment!  He doesn’t possess a fancy car or fancy clothes.  His cupboards are bare, from what I have seen.  Not even sure he has any family.  I started thinking, if God took all of the beautiful things and people out of my life, would I just be thankful that he saved me? Would Jesus be enough for me? Would I be thankful on Thanksgiving and every other day of my life?

When we move to Africa we won’t be taking all of the people and things with us that we are thankful for, we will pretty much leave most of our life here behind. But I am so very thankful that God has called me into a life of service to him and his plan of bringing salvation to the ends of the earth.  I believe we will celebrate Thanksgiving in Africa…every day!

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1 Response to Thanksgiving in Africa?

  1. Erik Truax says:

    Would Jesus be enough for me? – Great question!

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