Heartland of America

This past weekend we visited the Heartland of America, aka – The MidWest or Mid America.  We visited friends and a wonderful church in Blue Springs, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City.  This was our first trip to the area and we are hopeful not our last.  We met some of the most genuine people there who love Jesus with all their heart.

On Saturday morning our friends and us met up with other people from Lifepoint Church and we drove to the home of a lady who attends their church and provides a home and care for several mentally disabled adults that take up most of her time and energy.  She has a rather large front yard full of trees so at this time of year you can just imagine how many leaves were on the ground.  She estimated that it would take her well over 10 ½ hours to rake and bag all the leaves.  But her church came to the rescue, showed up in mass and raked that front yard and bagged leaves in about an hour and a half.  Dana & I loved participating in this outreach.

While we were working together with the members of Lifepoint Church I overheard one of them saying “to be a member of this church you need two things…a Bible and a good pair of work gloves”.  And I think that is what I loved about the people of this church.  They put their faith into action.  They’re not sitting around discussing what they should be doing but rather rolling up their sleeves, putting on their work gloves and serving others for the Glory of God.

We consider it a blessing to be on this journey of Partner Development because we have the opportunity to meet some really genuine believers in Jesus Christ along the way.  We are prayerful that we will meet many, many more in the weeks ahead and that like many of those we met this weekend, we’ll be able to call them friends.

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