A God Changed Heart

The truth is I didn’t want to go.  I had absolutely no desire to leave the comforts of my home, church, family, friends and job and travel half way around the world to Africa.  The message was unmistakably understood but the heart wasn’t in agreement.  God wasn’t deterred by my unwillingness.  He simply removed every obstacle I threw up of why I couldn’t – wouldn’t go.


So succumbing to His leading I went; yet not with an altogether joyful, happy heart.  I really thought I could be obedient and yet unhappy about the situation.   We like to call it a “poor attitude”.  But about day four of my first visit to Ghana, West Africa God began to change my heart.  I began to see things differently, more clearly, more through the eyes of Jesus.  I fell in love with the Ghanaian people, with their friendliness, with their genuineness, with their love of each other and I knew that God was doing something in me.  I just didn’t know what that was at the time.

Fast forward six years later.  We NEVER saw this coming on that first trip. Dana and I are preparing to move to Ghana West Africa as full time missionaries with WorldVenture. Our church, NewBranch Community Church is supporting us financially, prayerfully, and with spiritual encouragement.  I don’t think we could do this without them.  But we need more – A LOT MORE – like-minded churches and individuals that will do the same – supporting us financially, prayerfully and with encouragement.  Will you join us on this journey?  Contact us for more information.  Be part of impacting the Nations with the Good News that Jesus lives, Jesus saves and Jesus changes hearts!

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