The Chinn’s

We first came into contact with the Chinn’s through the WorldVenture Web Site.  While seeking the Lord’s leading in my life I (Chris) was researching someone to make contact with in Ghana, West Africa so that I could make a return trip there.  Our first contact came via email – many emails :).

Through those emails we eventually were able to speak on the phone during one of their return trips to the US for a missions conference.  They heard our heart for Ghana and agreed to allow us to come to Ghana and work with their ministry.  So I lead a team of nine other people from our local church, NewBranch Community Church, to Ghana in 2008.  This was the first time we met face-to-face.

From the very beginning we recognized that the Chinn’s were a very special family.  The joy of the Lord was in them in the work they were in Ghana to do.  Our two-week time with them was equally special while we worked alongside of them and witnessed first hand the challenges in the work before them.

We are thankful that God led them into our lives.  We’ve learned from them what sacrifice looks like lived out for the Glory of God.  We’ve learned from them that God can and will use ordinary people if we are only willing to be obedient to His leading.  We’ve learned that when God calls you into His service things won’t be easy and difficult decisions have to be made.  We’ve learned the work is trying yet rewarding.  We are excited and anxious to begin serving with them on the field soon.

We rejoice daily for the Chinn’s being in our lives and we pray that our lives and character match theirs as we serve alongside of them.  Won’t you commit to pray for them daily?  I know they would like that very much.  Peace.

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