Give It All Away





Why? It has been about a month now since I (Dana) returned from Ghana and I’m full of the why question.

  • Why do I still think of her?
  • Why does her face still constantly fill my head?
  • Why do I find myself wondering what and if she is eating?
  • Why do I think of the awful water that she may still be drinking?
  • Why do I think of where she sleeps as I lie my head down at night?
  • Why do I want to send money?
  • Why do I find myself reading scripture and wanting to share it with her?
  • Why do I find myself praying for her as I go about my day?
  • Why can’t I just forget?

Why can’t I just get back to the thoughts that filled my mind before I headed off to Africa? Those thoughts were easier for me to handle.  These new thoughts are heart wrenching!

Why?  Because I learned mission trips are not all about how we help those we go minister to, it is also about returning home to live changed lives that bring glory to God.   I will never forget Naomi and I am excited for the day when we will live just a few miles apart.  Although I am preparing to move to Africa, I will not forget the needs on the ground right here.  As I look at where God has me now I don’t have to look far to see the needs of hunger and discipleship as they are all around me.  The question is will I ignore the needs or put myself out there and get involved in peoples lives.  After all, I am not sure how much more my heart can take, but I have no choice but to give it all away….

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2 Responses to Give It All Away

  1. Pauline LaBarge says:

    Wow, powerful words!! God has so blessed the Ghanians through you (and so many right here in Georgia; me included) and I know will continue to bless people through you. I know love like what you are experiencing is heart wrenching, but God will give you what you need to continue loving like that. I will continue to keep you in prayer. Love you lots.

  2. Evans says:

    God is Faithful, He is walking side by side with you as you take this journey to serve him in a foreign land. blessings on you and your family as you leave to serve the purpose of the master by glorifying Him.

    Love and Prayers

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