What are you thinking about?

Our last short-term mission trip ended a mere 17 days ago.  I wish I could tell you that I’ve had time to sit and process the experience of our two-week trip to Ghana.  I’ve been busy since returning home.  No time to waste, there is work to do, support to raise, ministry happening.  Go, go, go.  Whew!

So I’m sitting in my chair this evening, weary from a difficult day, and I’m thinking about things.  I’m thinking about the Children at God’s Eye Orphanage, you know, the children that Dana recently blogged about (and sweet Naomi).  I’m thinking about the churches in the village that are so inwardly focused they’ve not responded to the need of the orphanage.  I’m thinking about how difficult it is there to get anything organized, planned, implemented and processed.  I’m thinking about how much work our coworkers in the faith, the Chinn’s, have already accomplished and yet the shear volume of needs and work that is still awaiting them (and hopefully very soon – us too).  I’m thinking about the poverty that exists there, both the physical and spiritual.  I’m thinking about the impact that could occur with more people coming on mission trips there and seeing the needs on the ground.  I’m thinking about how God will use the experiences of people who have already visited and witnessed the needs on the ground.  I’m thinking about why… when we are faced with the truth that there are people who don’t know Jesus, are dying without the gospel, are hurting physically and emotionally, are starving to death, who don’t have even the basic necessities of life which we all enjoy (even in a down economy), that pastors of churches in rural villages all over the world are desperate for teaching and discipleship, that people joyfully endure persecution for trusting in and being in Jesus Christ…why when we are faced with these truths we are not compelled to GO and take the gospel to the world, GIVE our financial resources to SEND missionaries out and PRAY for God to use those missionaries to glorify His name.  I’m thinking about who I can visit next to ask them to pray about supporting Dana & I to move to Ghana and begin doing what God has called us to do.  I’m thinking about how long this might take to happen.  I’m thinking about the calling on my life, the work I still have to accomplish before going, and the people I’m called to serve.

It’s a lot to think about.  I’m thinking about all of this.  What are you thinking about?

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