Monday/Tuesday in Ghana

God is blessing the team in wonderful ways. Everyone is learning to eat cultural meals, how to speak Twi, and meet many people. Monday we visited the market. Monday is market day when people from all the surrounding areas come to sell their items. New relationships were begun.

On Monday also the team visited God’s Eye Orphanage and learned of many ways we can be the hands and feet of Jesus. On Tuesday the team visited the orphanage again. Children were played with, loved on and cared for. The team washed their clothes for them and scrubbed a couple of the shared bedrooms. The team will return later this week to wash more clothes, clean more rooms and play with more children.

Please pray that God would make a way for finances for this orphanage to run. There are 67 children there who are there because parents have died, or to escape abuse, and also forced child labor situations. This community NEED’s God’s Eye Orphanage and people from all over the world to show them love and concern. More on this later.

Every person has been touched in some way on this trip thus far. Please continue to pray for God’s leading, for His protection, for His Glory to be revealed through the team, and for people to come to faith in Jesus Christ!

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1 Response to Monday/Tuesday in Ghana

  1. Ken Rucker says:

    I am so proud of you guys and so pumped about what God is doing in and through all of you. Can’t wait to hear the stories. Come back different! Come back as missionaries! Wish I were there with you. Please give my love to the team, as well as to Lloyd & Jan, Joe and Jeremy, Evans, Frances, Augustine, and anyone else you run across that I know.

    Love ya’ll and praying for ya’ll,

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