Sunday in Africa

Hello friends at home. The team from NewBranch Community Church arrived in Nkwanta yesterday (Saturday) and today had their first experience at worshiping Ghanaian style at the Global Evangelical Church. Our dear friend Evans delivered a powerful and encouraging message appropriate for everyone. The worship music was a blessing and meeting many people of diverse backgrounds was a joy.

We are preparing to eat Fufu for the first time. Be sure and ask your spouse, child, friend or relative on this journey what they thought!

Signing off for now. Please continue to pray! Blessings on you all!

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2 Responses to Sunday in Africa

  1. Agnes says:

    Hope you enjoy your Fufu! Will continue with prayers for you all. God bless you all on your journey there. Cousins Brians and his son have gone on their journey to Israel. Add them in your prayers also.

  2. lisargarner says:

    Praying for you all!

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