Good-bye & Hello

The day has arrived.  It’s a day full of joy and sadness combined.  Today we see our daughter off to Ghana for two weeks before we arrive there with a short-term team from our home church.  We have to say good-bye but very soon we’ll say hello.

Good-byes bring sadness and sometimes tears.  I expect both today.  This good-bye is also a joyful one.  We are sending our daughter to spend two weeks working with our dear friends in the faith, the Chinn family.  She’ll be there gaining insight to what living on mission is really all about.  And then she’ll be there to greet us when we arrive.  So good-bye is just a means to hello!

Even as there is sadness that she will not be with us for a couple of weeks (and we really envy her for being able to go now while we must wait two more weeks) we are filled with joy for what she’ll be experiencing and more importantly knowing that she is there serving her savior, Jesus Christ.

All of this caused me to reflect on the disciples.  They left everything to follow Jesus.  Can you just imagine the scene as they said good-bye to their family and friends?  And how about when they realized Jesus was leaving them?  But when they understood that there was a “hello” in their future their sadness turned to joy.  They said good-bye and watched their King, their Savior, their friend, depart in a cloud.  And they knew that He was going to prepare a place for them and that one-day they would be with Him again.  Can you just imagine the scene as Jesus greets them in heaven?  Hello friend!  That thought brings tears also…tears of joy.  I’m looking forward to that hello from Jesus.  Are you?

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