We are WorldVenture Missionaries!

In June of 2010 we were appointed as missionaries to Ghana West Africa by WorldVenture.  This past year has drawn us closer to Jesus and closer to each other.  Trusting in God and waiting patiently for His perfect timing to communicate this news was at times difficult.  Frequently we desired to share this news globally with everyone but did not out of respect for Chris’ employer.  Today, we can officially communicate our exciting news to the world!

We are grateful to Blake & Blair Temple for their support of our calling, their kindness, care, and concern for us.  Over the past twenty-three years Chris has told many of you how blessed he is to work for such an amazing company and Godly men.  And yet they blessed us even more than we could imagine by their love, encouragement, partnership and care during the course of this past year.  Thank you both!

We would be honored to have the opportunity to share our news with all of you personally, and answer your questions or concerns .  Contact us at chris@teamholloway.com or dana@teamholloway.com to set up a time to meet.  Visit this blog often for updates and sign up to receive our monthly e-news letters here.  And please read our past blogs that will also provide you with information about this journey we’ve been on.

We are thrilled to now communicate openly about the calling God has placed on our lives and the journey to arrive there.  We pray that you will join us on this journey.

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1 Response to We are WorldVenture Missionaries!

  1. Dawn Koehler says:

    Praising God! I have been honored to pray for you in this awesome journey you have been called to! I am so excited to watch the Lord orchestrate all of the rest of the details to get you there!! I love the Holloway Family!

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