We live in a culture requiring vigilance for identity theft.  Among us are people that will steal our identity and use it for illicit purposes, typically running up debt on our credit cards and damaging our credit rating.  The good news is that as believers in Jesus Christ our identity is secure in Him and our debt is paid in full.  In Jesus our identity is “the redeemed”!

In this world we also have identity wrapped up in what we do for a living, or our association with people.  Examples are that I am Dana’s husband, Hannah & Griffin’s father, Temple, Inc. ‘s employee, Bill & Agnes’ son, and Matt’s brother.  I sell traffic signal equipment making my identity a “salesman”.

On June 14, 2010 Dana & I were given new identities.  We became WorldVenture Missionary Appointee’s.  What made this official were our WorldVenture nametags. As part of the appointment process the interview committee questioned us.  The committee reviewed our application and over approximately two hours inquired about our calling, our personal beliefs, how we would respond in various situations, our marriage, etc.  It was intense.  I realized during that interview that I had most definitely married up!  Dana was amazing and my love and admiration for her grew that day.  God truly blessed me with a godly wife.

At the end of the interview we exited the room and waited for the committee’s decision.  We were so grateful for Kara Wynn who waited with us during this time.  She was such a calming influence.

After some time we were called back into the interview room and told that we were accepted.  They pinned our new WorldVenture nametags on us.  We were official!  I was overwhelmed.  Our acceptance by this highly esteemed world-class mission-sending agency was further confirmation of God’s calling on our lives.  I don’t think I can adequately communicate the exhilaration I felt at that moment and how much the simple act of receiving these nametags meant.

We are WorldVenture Missionary Appointees! And we are excited for our journey to serve Christ and the people of Ghana who God is seeking to enter the Kingdom through Jesus Christ so that they too may receive the identity of  “the redeemed”.

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