During our next several Blog posts Dana & I will be reflecting on our journey this past year.  June marks the one-year anniversary of WorldVenture appointing us as missionaries to Ghana.

We are amazed that a year has passed.  So much has happened and yet there is still so much to do.  The following is a brief account of this past year.

  • June 12-26 – At WorldVenture BASE Camp
  • June 21 – We are officially appointed as missionaries to Ghana (affectionately referred to as “appointees”).
  • June 26 – Traveled home
  • June 27 – Celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary
  • June 28 – Celebrated Hannah’s 18th Birthday
  • June 29 – Dana departs on a 3-week trip to Ghana to work with our mission partners.
  • July – Started our Blog.  Met with my employer to share our future direction.  Dana returns from her trip.
  • August – Hannah leaves for first year of college.  Griffin begins freshman year of high school.  Also begin reading the first of several books and do reports for each.
  • September – Met with employer to discuss when to hire my replacement, how to train them, when to bring them on the team, etc.  Made official announcement to our church family.
  • October – January – learning how to do reports, lots of reading.
  • February – Attend Partner Development Training. Work on sharing our story via different mediums.
  • March – Work on pictures and putting together a Scrap Book to tell our story.  Susan Rucker put it together for us and it’s amazing!  Thanks Susan.
  • End of March – End of May – Meeting, meeting, meeting & lot’s of sharing.  This has been an amazing part of the process.  Deeply appreciative of all those who have allowed us to share with them and for giving us not only their time but their attention and in many cases their full support.
  • May – A new header for our Blog page and used for our newsletter header.  Al Spaulding makes magic happen with PhotoShop.  Thanks Al!  Emailed our first Newsletter.

We’ll be sharing our thoughts with reference to all of the above.  We hope that it encourages, inspires and provides a glimpse into how God has been working in our lives this past year.  Stay tuned…

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