We Need You…

We need you!  Reminds me of the old “Uncle Sam” posters used during WWII to serve notice to the nation that their country needed them.  Dana & I find our selves in a similar position.  We need our Christian nation, our brothers & sisters in Christ to assist us in reaching God’s calling on our lives for full time missionary service in Ghana, West Africa.

How can you help?  I’m glad you asked.  We humbly suggest that you can assist us in any one or more of the following areas:

  • Commit to pray for us fifteen minutes per day (sign up to commit to being on our prayer team – prayer@teamholloway.com)
  • Commit to monthly financial support – Click Here to join our team
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, church leadership, and family about us and what we are doing.
  • Want to know more about what we are doing? Invite us to your home for about an hour to tell our story.
  • Host a coffee/dessert at your home, invite your friends, family, neighbors, church family, etc. to come.  Tell them why you are doing this.  Allow us to meet these people, briefly share what we are doing and then if anyone wants more information we can follow up at a later time.  No pressure!!!!
  • Commit to pray.  Yes, we said this before but that’s because it is REALLY important.
  • Ask your Sunday School or Small Group Leader if it would be okay for us to visit and share our story with them.
  • Drop us a note of encouragement from time to time.  It does lift our spirits to know we are loved and cared for.
  • Ask any leader in your church (especially those with a heart for missional outreach) if they would invite us to come speak at a leadership meeting to share our story.
  • Use your talents & gifts to help us.  A great example of this is our “header” above on our BLOG page and soon to be mailed/emailed News Letter the TeamHolloway Times.  Click Here to sign up to receive our news letter.  Let us give a big shout out to our friend Al Spaulding for this beautiful piece of art.  Thanks Al!
  • Forward our BLOG address to people that may be interested in what we are doing.
  • Connect us with your FaceBook friends who may be interested in what we are doing.  You can easily do this by sharing our BLOG on your FaceBook or Twitter page by clicking on one of the icons below this BLOG.

Do you see how important YOU are and why we need YOU?!

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