Ramblings, Occasionally Coherent

Have you ever had so much on your mind that as you begin to share with people they just stare at you, like you are speaking another language?  As you stare back at them you realize that you are just rambling, incoherently.  Yea, this is one of “those” blog posts.

Our daughter, Hannah, completed her freshman year of college last week.  She completed thirty-two credit hours and that officially makes her a sophomore.  Hannah was also very active in a campus ministry, Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM).  She has been invited to be on the leadership team of BCM next year with an emphasis in the area of missions. Congratulations Hannah on becoming a sophomore in college.  We are extremely proud of her accomplishment and in the beautiful Christian woman she has become.

Griffin, our son, is counting down the days to the end of his freshman year in high-school.  Twelve more full days and three days of finals to be taken.  And then SUMMER!  He will be a sophomore in high school next year.  Griffin is part of the worship team for our church student ministry.  He plays the acoustic guitar and sings.  Recently he overcame the fear of leading solo.  We are extremely proud of him also and the gifted Christian young man he has become.

In July we all will be returning to Ghana as part of a short-term mission team from our church, NewBranch Community Church.  We look forward to connecting with our host missionary family, the Chinn’s.  We are thankful that my (Chris) dad will house/dog sit for us so that sweet Abby won’t have to go to the pet hotel for that time frame.

The end of May always brings fun times with family in Decatur, Alabama.  It’s so much fun to spend Memorial Day weekend camping, eating, riding bikes, eating, going on walks, eating, watching the hot-air balloon races, eating and just hanging out.  We are all REALLY looking forward to this time!  And, oh yea, eating!

Have you ever willingly digested a live virus?  I had to do that a few years ago.  As part of taking a mission trip to Ghana it’s suggested that you get a vaccination for Typhoid.  But you can take an oral rather than a shot if you so desire.  The oral will last five years, the shot only two.  It’s time for me (Chris) to get the vaccination again.  I know its for my own good, but there is just something not right about ingesting something with a warning label on it “LIVE VIRUS”!

One of our favorite meals is grilled steak.  Good stuff!  We won’t be eating any of that when we move to Ghana but when we come back to the US for visits please feel free to invite us over to your home and feed us grilled steak.  If we weren’t already really good friends we will be then!  Heck, you can start now before we leave if you want too! 🙂

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