Why move to Africa?

Amazement, encouragement, bewilderment, discouragement, hurtful, and apathy best describe the range of responses we’ve received upon telling people where God is leading us. Regardless of the response the question is always asked, “Why move to Africa”?

The answer to that question is one that we would love to sit down and share with you.   Send us an email, call us on the phone, message us on Facebook or send us a text message and we would be honored to schedule a time to share this with you.

Today, you need to know that God has called us to serve in “Short-term Mission Team training & field coordination”.  Why?  To quote Dr. David Platt in his most recent book, Radical Together, “The inevitable result of short-term missions done right is radically changed lives”.

“The inevitable result of short-term missions done right is radically changed lives.”

Did you catch that?  It is imperative that short-term missions be “done right”.  Too many churches assemble short-term teams that go to cultures all over the world and do more harm than good.  Envision a picture of a train wreck here.  It must be done right!  But how?

That’s our purpose!  We will equip and coordinate short-term teams to do their trip “right”.  When it’s done right, lives are radically changed.  The lives of the short-term team will be radically changed, the lives of people in the culture they go to serve will be radically changed, and when they return to their churches they will effect life change in the people in their church as their passion for making disciples flows out of them.  Dr. Platt says the following with regards to this as he discusses the importance of short-term missions and realizing that we aren’t after quick success in disciple making but rather long-term impact, “At the same time, successful short-term missions must also be a part of fueling long-term disciple making in the sending church.  As we go together into other contexts, we grow together in Christ”.

We pray that you will provide us with the opportunity to share our story with you, your family and your friends and to provide the answer to the question, “Why move to Africa?”  We look forward to sharing with you VERY soon!

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