Smells.  Some things smell good to you and others, well you know, not so good.  Smells have an effect on us.  Some smells make us smile, hungry (think Hot Now Krispy-Kreme’s), curious, etc., while other smells make us the opposite of hungry, uninterested, and maybe even cause our lip to curl downward in an unhappy face.  Either way, it would be disappointing if I (Chris) couldn’t smell.  My brother recently had surgery for a condition that prevents him from tasting or smelling very much.  Thus far the surgery hasn’t been a success.  I know your prayers for the condition to improve would encourage him.

Smells also bring memories to our minds.  A certain smell can trigger a memory from long ago and suddenly in your memory you are back in that place and time you originally experienced that smell.  Do you remember what your grandparents home smelled like?  Years later you may pull out some past nostalgic item from your grandparents home and if it still has “that” smell you suddenly are a child again reliving the experience of being at their home.

The weather is wonderful right now.  You can drive with your windows down or top down if you have a convertible or jeep, and the smells of the season are everywhere.  Today I was driving when suddenly I smelled something that reminded me of Ghana, West Africa.  It was the smell of burning wood.  It wasn’t that “fireplace wood” smell but something different, more distinct.  What ever it was made me remember Ghana.  A fondness consumed my heart and a longing to be there among friends to share the hope I have in Jesus Christ.

How about you?  What kinds of smells bring back fond memories to you?  What ever they are they are a gift from the Lord.  Enjoy every moment of them.  Smell on brothers and sisters, smell on!

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