Who’s on First?

The comedy team of Abbott & Costello performed a famous baseball routine called “Who’s on first”?  I (Chris) laugh out loud whenever I see the original film footage.  Baseball season is about to begin so you have to wonder “who’s on first”.

Thinking about that comedy routine I also wonder “who is first”.  Or rather, “what is first”?  What is priority in my life?  Is it self or God?  I say God, but does my life prove that out?  One way to determine this question is by reviewing how much of my time I spend for God as opposed for myself.  Do I give God fifteen minutes in the morning, pray before meals and before I go to bed?  More…less?

The Webster dictionary defines priority as something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives.  There are many things, good things and bad things, which compete for our attention.  I’m striving (not there yet) to focus/making priority, worshipping God 24/7/365 and to advancing the Gospel – that

  • God became man, Jesus, lived a sinless life (no one else can no matter how hard we try)
  • Jesus paid our sin debt to God by dying in our place (taking the punishment we deserve)
  • Jesus was resurrected (God accepted Jesus’ payment of our sin debt and as a sign of His acceptance God raised Jesus from death to life)
  • Jesus was seen by hundreds of eye witnesses after he was killed
  • And Jesus ascended into heaven where he is now seated at the right hand of God interceding for sinners like me.

Now that’s good news and that’s worth striving toward making priority #1.  I hope you will too.

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2 Responses to Who’s on First?

  1. Joe McBee says:

    Excellent reminder bro. Thanks for this.

  2. Agnes Holloway says:

    You get better at writing all the time. I am amazed. God has always been with you, it just took time for you to see that. He will never leave you or forsake you. Now he is using you for his glory. God gave you to us to raise, we made a promise to give you to him, now with many prayers, and angels watching over you all your life you finally have seen the light. God is so good to us and for us. Praise his holy name. I am so proud of you and the man you have become. May God keep his blessings with you always.

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