Telling a story is a talent.  Some people have a natural inclination for it.  You are just drawn in to their story.  Movie directors and writers are some of those who have the gift.  In some cultures most people are gifted this way because it’s how they communicate, by storytelling of some event or decision.

Recently Dana and I created a scrapbook (and we could not have done so without help from our good friend Susan) in order to tell our story.  We realized just how inept we are at doing so, both scrapbooking & story telling.  Oh, I can tell a story, if you have three days to listen.  Brevity isn’t my gifting in story telling.  But, using the scrapbook, we’ve been able to take our story, a thirty-year long story, and condense it into about twenty minutes.

This story isn’t really about us.  It’s about God and how He has worked in our lives.  It’s about how God has been transforming us and helping us trust Him more.  No, this story won’t win an Academy Award or Pulitzer Prize but it’s no less exciting, encouraging and entertaining!  We would love to share it with you.  Expect our call soon.  Or better yet, call us.  You know our number!

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1 Response to Storytelling

  1. josie says:

    can’t wait to visit with the scrapbook

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