The Encouragement of God

Last weekend we attended training at our sending agency – WorldVenture.  The purpose of the training was to prepare us for the next phase of our journey.  The next phase is called Partner Development.  This is the phase where God begins establishing a team of partners for us enabling us to begin serving Him in Ghana where He has called us to.  It’s an exciting part of the journey because we begin to see who God has sovereignly placed to partner with us.  Some of those close to us have already become part of TeamHolloway.  God has even added people to TeamHolloway that we lost contact with twenty-five years ago.  I’m just in awe at who He is bringing to our team.

The training that WorldVenture provided us was AMAZING!  But, at the end I (Chris) felt overwhelmed, unprepared, frustrated and questioned if I had what it takes for this next phase of the journey.  We drove the rental car from WorldVenture’s headquarters in Littleton, Colorado to the Denver International Airport, dropped it off and waited for the bus to take us from the rental car facility to the airport.  Once on the bus and driving toward the airport the driver asked what airlines everyone needed to be dropped off at.  I caught the hint of a familiar accent and inquired where he was from.  GHANA! he joyfully responded.  Thank you God.  I needed that reminder.  I felt as if God was saying, “Chris, I called you and your family to my service in Ghana.  I’m in control of Partner Development.  Be obedient in the work you know you have to do.  I’ve got this!”  And just like that my excitement returned.  God is awesome and such an encourager!

We would love to hear stories of how God has encouraged you!

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2 Responses to The Encouragement of God

  1. Tara says:

    that’s exactly how he works – he always seemed to put little signposts along the way, even though we had not asked for them!

  2. TeamHolloway says:

    Exactly Tara! I didn’t ask for it but He provided it just when I needed it the most. It was one of those “what just happened” kind of moments! What an amazing encourager!!!

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