From Persecuting To Witnessing

Skype is an awesome technology.  It allows us to communicate with our mission partners already serving in Ghana.  Although they are far away in terms of distance they are close by in terms of communication – real time communication.

Yesterday I skyped our friends and during our conversation I was vividly reminded of how God wants to use us for His glory in Ghana.  Our friends relayed an encouraging story about a person recently acknowledging their desperate need for Jesus, repenting of their sin, trusting Him alone for salvation, being baptized and then openly sharing their story.

This man has a remarkable story.  Much like the apostle Paul he persecuted believers in his village and area of influence.  He even threatened to harm a pastor in the most severe way.  But God was at work in him and through the life of the pastor he had threatened and the lives of the missionary couple we are going to be working with this man finally turned his life over to Jesus!  What an amazing story he has to tell.

This is the kind of work we look forward to participating in when we arrive in Ghana.  Please continue to pray for us, for the financial support we must raise, for the decisions we have to make, and for our time to be well managed.

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