Praying for the Nations

Our new copy of Operation World arrived this week.  Do you have a copy?  For a person of prayer this is an invaluable resource enabling prayer everyday for a specific nation or people group.  It provides a glimpse into what God is doing through out this world and will open your eyes for the need of the Gospel to go forth!

Ghana, the nation we are working toward moving to, has some interesting information listed.  The following are a few tidbits that people have asked us when we tell them what God has called us to.

Type of Government – Republic (Democracy) (We have been asked “How stable is the government there?”.  Operation World responds

“…the stable transition to multiparty democracy prevails, with several elections praised as open and orderly.  Ghana plays a positive regional and continental role in diplomacy and peacekeeping.”

Population – 24+ Million

Economy – Agricultural (cocoa & timber), Gold, Tourism, and most recently Oil was discovered.

Operation World provides answers to prayers as well as challenges for prayer.  One prayer need of note listed is

“Missionary personnel are still needed to serve as Bible teachers and trainers, Bible translators, in support roles and even as pioneer evangelists.”

Another prayer need listed is

“Islam has set out to conquer Ghana and is making serious headway.”

Order your copy of Operation World and join us in prayer for the Nations!

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