New Things

As I (Chris) stared at my soup I had prior knowledge that the meat wasn’t something I’d ever eaten before.  This was a crossroad moment.  Will I eat it?  Will I embrace the new culture I’m in?  Or will I turn up my nose and insult my host?  Decision time.  Open mouth, insert food, and, and, and, hey now, that’s good!

I have memories growing up of looking at foods I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to like even before I tasted them and my parents encouraging me with the old standby “you’ll never know if you don’t try it.  Try it, it’s good!”  As a child I wasn’t so sure.  Heck, even as a young adult if it didn’t look just right or I didn’t know what it was I probably wasn’t going to try it.

This type of caution found its way into other areas of my life also.  I wasn’t interested in the slightest of going to Ghana on our first mission trip until the Holy Spirit prompted me and even then I didn’t want to.  It felt an awful lot like my parents again saying “you’ll never know if you don’t try it.  Try it, it’s good!”  So I responded, “okay God, I’ll try it but I am not going to like it!”  Boy, was I wrong.

I discovered that I had a place in my heart for the people of Ghana that I never knew existed.  Willingness to try new things revealed a desire and a purpose I didn’t know I had.  And I found that it was good.  It was very good!

So are you curious about what the meat in the soup was?  Well, it was goat.  And it was delicious as was the soup itself.  Be encouraged!  Try new things.  Discover your passions and ask God how He wants to use those passions for His glory and then hang on.  You are in for a ride!  Maybe even someone reading this will want to come with us.  There’s room!  Let’s go!

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