What are your interests?

What are your interests?  Do your interests consume your time and focus?  Are you concerned about the interests of others?  Philippians 2:3-4 says

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.  Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

In 2005 on our first trip to Ghana I witnessed this being lived out in a tiny village in the north of the country.  Life in this part of Ghana is difficult.  A man who grew up in this tiny village was fortunate enough to be able to leave and travel to a large city center and find work.  He found more than work.  He found faith in Jesus Christ.  And suddenly he realized that the people of the tiny village he left far behind to seek his fortune were living in sin, without the truth of the gospel and they were going to perish.  So he gave up his goal of the easy life, of riches and success, and traveled back to that tiny village to share the message of hope.

Now the culture in these villages requires that the elders and the chief of the village must approve any new ideas, plans, or decisions of major impact.  So upon returning he shared the message with them first in hopes of being able to share the message with his community.  They said no.  But that didn’t stop him; he shared anyway.  The elders and chief came back to him and said, “stop telling people this message or we will kill you.” Well that’s sobering.  So he prayed.

A few days later a missionary couple passed through the village.  They were giving out bags of rice.  Remember, this is a difficult place to live and many are hungry.  The elders asked this couple why they were being so generous.  They replied, “We give this gift in the name of Jesus Christ, who loves you.” That was all.  And the elders concluded that this was now the second time they had heard this name, the name of Jesus, and they requested that they should learn more from this couple because one of their villagers had recently moved home and wouldn’t stop telling people about this Jesus person.  So they shared the gospel with them and over the next few weeks they all professed faith in Jesus.

Do you see the connection?  This man considered the state of his fellow villagers and considered their need more significant than his own.  And, this missionary couple were looking to the interests of others and not only to their own.  They all were living out Philippians 2:3-4.

Dana, Hannah, Griffin & I desire to look to the interests of the people of Ghana.  God has placed these people on our hearts.  We need people here to look to our interests so that we can look to the interests of the Ghanaians.  Will you?

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1 Response to What are your interests?

  1. Great post, Chris.
    When we put our interests before others, we don’t realize it, but we are actually committing spiritual suicide! But when we align ourselves with Christ, we desire what HE desires… to meet the deep needs of others.

    Praying for the fam

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