What’s the first image that pops in your head when someone says 100%?  For some it may be “all”, “the best”, “winning”, “the total sum”, “the full amount”, “excellence”, or “the highest possible achievement”.  That first image may be different things to different people.  To us, it means moving to Ghana and doing what the LORD has called us to.

In June of 2010 we were appointed by WorldVenture as Missionary Appointees to serve in Ghana West Africa.  We spent two weeks at WorldVenture’s headquarters in beautiful Littleton, Colorado where we learned more about what will be required of us to be full time cross-cultural missionaries.  Also, working with their financial team, we arrived at an annual financial support number that we must raise before we can move to Ghana.  Guess how much of that total annual support amount we have to raise before we can go?  That’s right, 100%!

The coolest part about that 100% is that God provides it all through those of you who desire to partner in our work in Ghana.  Read Numbers 18:21-24.  Notice that the Levites, those whose job it was to serve, were to be supported by those who had other means of caring for themselves.  Of those means they paid a tithe to the LORD and He states that He will give it to the Levites as their payment for the work they perform.  The people tithe to God and God gives to the workers.  What a beautiful picture of this process we are now engaged in.

In the future we hope to be contacting many of you who are reading this right now and asking your permission to tell you more about how we arrived at this decision, what this means for us, what is required of us, and to ask you to partner with us to achieve what God has established for us to do.  We pray that many of you will partner with us financially.  Should you already know much about what we are doing and are ready & willing to begin supporting us today, please click on the link to the right titled “Support The Holloway’s” and follow the directions.  If you just can’t wait for us to contact you please contact us!

100%!  We need 100% of our friends, family & brothers and sisters in Christ to commit in faith to give so that we arrive at 100% of our established annual support so that we can move to Ghana and serve the LORD and the people of Ghana with 100% of our lives.  It’s all about the 100%.  Will you commit to being a percentage of that goal?  We pray you will.

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