Where’s Ghana

Ghana is a nation in West Africa.  I often ask people, “Do you know where Tallahassee, FL is located”? When they respond affirmatively I tell them that if you think about Africa and Florida being similarly shaped, Ghana is in about the location in Africa that Tallahassee is in Florida.  There you have it.

It is bordered by three countries –  Côte D’Iviore to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, and Togo to the east.  All of the countries bordering Ghana are French speaking nations, while Ghana’s official language is English.  The Gulf of Guniea is south which provides some beautiful beaches.  Ghana is also home to the largest artificial lake in the world – Lake Volta.

There are approximately 24 million people living in Ghana, a country approximately the size of the US State of Oregon.  The average life expectancy is 60 years.

Why are we preparing to serve in Ghana?  Because we’ve been called to and out of obedience to God we are doing everything we can to go there.  Are you interested in hearing the specifics?  Send an email to chris@teamholloway.com or dana@teamholloway.com to schedule a time to meet.  We love sharing how God moved in our lives!

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