How’s the weather?

Is there a common conversation starter all over the world?  If there is I imagine it would be the weather.  Almost everyone will engage in a conversation about the weather.  Fall is in the air here in Georgia.  It’s probably my favorite season.  The mornings and evenings are cool and crisp yet the daytime temperatures are warm.  The leaves begin to turn an array of colors that add beauty to the landscape around us.  I do love Fall.

The weather in Ghana is similar to the climate we now live in except there is no fall or winter.  Temperatures typically range from the low 70’s to upper 90’s.  There are two seasons – the rainy season and the dry season.  During the rainy season the landscape is green and lush.  It’s simply beautiful.  In the dry season the harmattan occurs.  The harmattan is a dry dessert wind that blows dust from the Sahara into Ghana.  The dry dust covers everything turning the landscape into a kind of red haze.

There are things we will miss about our current home.  Fall is definitely one of those things.  But the work we are called to is important and is worth giving up the beauty of Fall in the South.  We’ll miss it but we trust that God will provide us with something in Ghana that is just as nice, just as beautiful, and just as worthy of a Blog post.  Stay tuned for that!

So, how’s the weather where you are today?  Ours is sunny, cool, colorful and, well, it’s Fall!

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