Team Building

Team building.  All the great sports franchises do it.  The Braves in the 90’s, the 49’rs in the 80’s, the Bull’s in 90’s, the Steeler’s in the 70’s.  They did it by bringing in the right people to work together for a singular purpose…WINNING!  And that’s what Team Holloway is all about.  Assembling a winning team.  A team of warriors in the battlefield of prayer, financial giving, service, encouragement, and gospel sharing.  The goal?  The Church built up to send out workers for the harvest.  Winners!  Will you join us?  We can’t win without a team.  We need you.  Team Holloway.  Be a part!

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1 Response to Team Building

  1. Dawn Koehler says:

    So excited you guys have your blog up! The Lord is going to do a mighty work through your family–I am looking forward to having a front row seat to watch Him move!

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